• Much Needed Mineral #1: Iron - jrny

    Much Needed Mineral #1: Iron

    Did you know that iron isn’t naturally made in the body and that we only absorb it from what we eat? It’s kinda crazy considering that it’s a pretty important mineral for making haemoglobin (a protein contained in red blood cells that transports oxygen around the body).

  • Looking After Your Mental Health During Tiered Times - jrny

    Looking After Your Mental Health During Tiered Times

    We're sure that you are all the last people that need reminding about this, but the pandemic sucks! F*** COVID amiright?! 
  • Why Am I Always Tired? - jrny

    Why Am I Always Tired?

    We all know that sleep is important. Without it, or not enough of it, and we are sluggishly dragging ourselves through the day, longing for the moment our heads can touch our pillows at the end of the day. There...

  • Pass The Protein - jrny

    Pass The Protein


  • Essential Vitamins: C - jrny

    Essential Vitamins: C

    Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is good for numerous important functions in the body, including healthy skin. Unlike some vitamins, vitamin C is an essential vitamin that we must consume within our diet as our body is not able to produce it naturally, so it’s doubly important that we get enough of this vitamin throughout our diet.

  • Antioxidants. Important, but why? - jrny

    Antioxidants. Important, but why?

    Oxidation is a common chemical reaction where electrons are transferred from one molecule to another. It can occur when there is an imbalance of free radicals (we’ll come onto these later!) and antioxidants in the body.  The body’s cells produce harmful molecules known as free radicals, but they also naturally produces antioxidants. This is what causes those feelings of unexplained tiredness or not feeling 100%.