Increased Energy + Better Sleep. 

Your long term energy boost, in a simple multi-nutrient shake.

✔ Starting from £1.87 per serving

✔ 100% plant-based

✔ Contains B12, Magnesium & Iron

Increase Your Energy Today

Your Daily Energy Boost

A jrny shake is perfect if...

✔ You're one of the 81% of British workers not getting enough sleep

✔ You struggle to get all the nutrients you need through a plant-based diet

✔ You want a boost each morning to help start your day off right, particularly if it involves travelling

✔ You like to beat the mid afternoon slump, without turning to caffeine or unhealthy snacks

✔ You want a deeper, longer sleep and to wake feeling refreshed

✔ You want an aid to speed up recovery from any kind of physical activity, even a brisk walk

★★★★★ 150+ Five Star Reviews Across Website & Trustpilot

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Vitality Blend

Designed for Plant-Based Women

Get the nutrients your diet is missing.

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Long lasting energy

Focus more

Stress less

Sleep better

Why You Get More Energy

61% of British women say they feel tired, even after getting a lot of sleep. We know how impactful this can be on your career, exercise goals and relationships. It's time for change.

Our shakes pack a punch of energy, and it's not hard to see why.

Each nutrient found in the Vitality Blend is contained in, or close to your recommended daily dose, meaning you'll actually feel the difference.

Here’s how some of the other brands compare.

Vitality Blend

Vegan Protein With a Difference

Combined with 16 vitamins and minerals, formulated to increase energy levels.

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The Vitality Blend in the Wild

Our Best Seller

The Plant-Based Protein Vitality Blend
The Superpowder - BOXD
The Plant-Based Protein Vitality Blend
The Super-Powder - BOXD
The Super-Powder - BOXD
jrny shakes with benefits
The Plant-Based Protein Vitality Blend
The Superpowder - BOXD
The Plant-Based Protein Vitality Blend
The Super-Powder - BOXD
The Super-Powder - BOXD
jrny shakes with benefits

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Gluten Free

Multivitamins for Women

Sustainably Packaged

Our unique Vitality Blend of high impact, clean, quality ingredients including 21g of plant based protein fortified with Vitamin B12, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin C and more. Designed to boost energy levels whilst aiding healthy digestion and promoting a regular sleeping pattern.

900g Pouch = 30 servings per pouch.

500g Pouch = 16 servings per pouch.

From £0.99 per serving

The Wooden Scoop sold separately. 





What happens after you take a jrny shake?

After 1 day

After your first shake, you'll notice a small energy boost and mildly better sleep. If you have digestion problems, these may start to alleviate too.

After 7 days

You should start to experience noticeable changes in your energy levels and mood. The consistent intake of magnesium and amino acids will lead to a more restful sleep.

After 14 days

Your body will further adjust to the increased nutrient intake. This will help your energy levels to stay high consistently, and you may notice a radiance in your skin and stronger nails.

After 21 days

You should have fully acclimated to your intake of vegan multivitamins for women. Expect to feel energetic, have better moods and be sleeping well consistently.


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