By Jamal Ayton-Brown

Healthy Foods That Are Full of Energy

Healthy Foods That Are Full of Energy

By Lola Sherwin

If you find that you’re often lacking in energy, then it might be because your diet doesn’t include enough high energy foods. If you’re not used to incorporating healthy foods that are also high in energy into your diet, then it can be tricky to know where to start and is certainly a reason for the low energy levels in females that we come across. We’ve rounded up some of the best healthy, high-energy foods that will help you to boost your energy without having to make any major lifestyle changes.

How Can You Use Food to Boost Your Energy?

Maintaining a healthy diet is one of the most important factors when it comes to boosting your energy. The key is to eat well-balanced meals that will keep you fuelled throughout the day, and to avoid high-sugar foods as they can cause a spike in blood sugar which will later cause a sugar crash. Make sure you’re incorporating plenty of protein, low glycemix index carbohydrates and healthy fats to ensure that you’re getting everything you need.

The Best Healthy, High Energy Foods

There are endless healthy, high energy foods, so it really won’t be difficult to make some swaps to make sure you’re getting the nutrients that you need to boost your energy. We’ve listed some of our favourites below to help get you off to a good start!

Porridge - Oats are packed with complex carbs, which means that they release their energy slowly, so you will feel more energetic for longer (1). They also help to boost your body’s serotonin production, which can help to manage stress and enhance memory function (2), so it really is a win-win! Make your own porridge and top it with tasty fruits and a bit of honey for a energy-boosting start to the day.

Avocados - Avocados are one of the most well-rounded foods in terms of boosting your energy and providing you with all the nutrients you need. They’re packed with protein and fibre, and will help you to sustain your energy levels throughout the day (3). Avocados are also full of healthy fats that can help to boost your energy (4), so these really are a great food to swap into your diet. Have avocado on toast or stick it in a salad for lunch, and you’ll start to feel the benefits in no time.

Bananas - Bananas are packed with potassium, which is a mineral and electrolyte that’s associated with boosting energy, preventing exhaustion and balancing your blood pressure (5). They also help to replenish your body’s electrolytes (6), which help to turn your energy stores into useable energy (7). Bananas are also a great natural source of sugar and are full of fibre, which can help to slow down the digestion of that sugar, which is helpful for your energy levels (8).

Fatty Fish - Fatty fish is a fantastic source of omega-3 fats and nutrients such as vitamin D and selenium, as well as being high in protein and low in saturated fat, all of which can help to boost your energy (9). Fatty fish is also thought to be good for your heart and blood vessels, reducing the risk of chronic conditions (10). Regularly tuck into some fish at dinner with a bit of green veg and a carbohydrate, and you’ll start to see your energy levels grow in no time.

Eggs - Eggs are packed with protein, which means they will provide you with a steady and sustained source of energy (11). They are also a source of leucine, which is an amino acid known for boosting your energy as it helps cells to take in more blood sugar, stimulates energy production in the body’s cells and helps with the breakdown of fat, which helps to produce energy (12). Eggs also contain plenty of vitamin B, which can help enzymes in the body to perform their role of turning food into energy (13).

Beans - Beans are full of protein, and are a fantastic source of energy, especially if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet (14). They’re also packed full of fibre, which helps to slow digestion which helps to stabilise your blood sugar, as well as being rich in magnesium, which helps the body’s cells to make energy (15). Add to that their folic acid and iron content, and you can soon see how this is a food that can help to boost your energy throughout the day!

Brown Rice - Brown rice is a delicious, nutritious food that is packed full of fibre and magnesium, both of which are helpful when it comes to boosting your energy levels (16). It’s less processed than white rice, meaning it’s more nutritionally beneficial, and it’s also a low glycemic index carb, which can help to regulate your blood sugar levels and provide steady energy levels throughout your day (17).


As you can see, there are plenty of healthy, high energy foods that you can easily fit into your daily diet. The foods we’ve listed provide just a small snapshot of all the tasty foods that can help to boost your energy, not to mention other natural energy boosters, but by starting with these, you’ll soon get the hang of making your diet work for you. Combine a balanced diet with our jrny shakes to ensure that you’re getting all of the vitamins you need, and get ready to see your energy levels soar.

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