The Plant-Based Protein Vitality Blend 1 Pouch x 1 Shaker Bundle

The Plant-Based Protein Vitality Blend 1 Pouch x 1 Shaker Bundle

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"[jrny] create shakes bursting with goodness and a hit of protein. They also come in plastic-free sachets, so can be used as a healthy snack on the go and are fully recyclable."

Long lasting energy

The Plant-Based Protein Superpowder consists of a number of nutrients proven to increase energy across the short and long term, including Vitamin B12, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin D and Vitamin C. Expect to feel results in as little at 7 days.

Increased focus

Vitamins B16, B12, D and C work together to feed your brain, keeping you focused and improving memory, making The Plant-Based Protein Superpowder the perfect helping hand for when your best is needed.

Stress less

Stress can be the secret health problem for many of us, as it's often not easy to see the negative effects on your body until it's too late. Omega 3, Magnesium, Vitamin D and our B Vitamin Complex work to keep you calm, in turn promoting long term health.

Sleep better

Let's face it, there'd be no point in taking an energy boosting supplement if your sleeping pattern stayed messy and erratic. The Plant-Based Protein Superpowder includes Flaxseed, Vitamin B6, Iron and Magnesium to help ensure that when you sleep, it's the good kind.