At jrny, we want to empower women to reclaim their energy through natural, honest nutrition.

About Us

Our bodies are complex. Fact. And looking after ourselves can get complex too. We are fed so much information about wellbeing, often we don’t know which path to follow. Jrny aims to solve that problem by providing all your daily nutritional needs in one delicious plant based shake. Or add our unique multi-nutrient blend to your cooking, whatever suits your life jrny. 


All formulated to boost your energy and revitalise your mind & body in as little as seven days!


Love your body. Love your jrny.

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Where we started

This is Dawn.

Dawn is our co-founder's, Jamal Ramsay's mum. For a while, Jamal noticed his mum taking a whole bunch of supplements to try and boost her energy and keep up with an increasingly demanding lifestyle.

On top of this, she also had to be careful with any supplement she'd take due to constant issues with digestion. Using his experience as a Health & Wellbeing Adviser, Jamal explored some of the supplements she had, he found they were often low in quality and not delivering the combination of nutrients she needed. And after talking to friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers, we discovered that a lot of women out there were experiencing the same problem.

So we decided to make a simple solution for all women, and Jrny was born! What we've labelled as our 'superpowder', jrny provides quality nutrition in one easy, delicious blend you can take daily, so no more worrying about forgetting to take tablets. jrny uses an energy boosting formula to help all women power through their day whilst regulating digestion.

It's your jrny

The media focus on size is detrimental to the mental and physical health of women worldwide. That's why we're on an anti-diet culture mission.

Sustainability at our core

We do our best to make sure jrny is as sustainable as possible by keeping plastic out of our packaging. But we didn't just stop there...

Our Sustainability Promise Support TreeSisters

Jrny's are better with guides

We're driven by our community. Whether it's guiding our ethos or deciding on what new products to release, we rely on the women who love and use jrny.

Join our Facebook Group to have a say, as well as share experiences, seek advice and find useful information from other women on their jrny's...

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