Good for your Body, Good for the Planet

From the beginning of our jrny, sustainability has always been at our core. So you can feel good, and do good.

It's not just a trend

Living sustainably is at the core of every decision we make as a business. From sourcing our materials and ingredients in the UK, to ensuring our packaging is recyclable, reusable or biodegradable, we take steps to ensure we are doing our part for the environment.

100% Plant Based

Our superpowers are completely plant-based, cutting down our dependence on the dairy industry. We are also certified by Vegan Friendly.

Who are Vegan Friendly?

Planting trees every time you buy

We've recently partnered with TreeSisters, not only supporting reforestation, but also female farmers worldwide.

Partnering with TreeSisters means that we can support biodiversity in tropical rainforests by planting a range of unique trees native to their specific regions.

Support TreeSisters