By Jamal Ayton-Brown

Our 6 Favourite Health & Wellness Writers

We know how crowded the health and wellness space can be. With publications springing up left, right and centre it can be difficult to know which to pay attention to, let alone the writers with the content most applicable to your interests and needs! That's why today we're going to make it that bit easier by listing 6 of our favourite writers in the industry so can you hone in on the topics you want to see.

So without further adieu, in no particular order...

1. Ally Head (Health, Sustainability & Relationships Editor @ Marie Claire)

Beginning her career as a Junior Digital Writer at Women's Health, Ally has long had a focus on writing around health, wellness and nutrition. Her relatively young but distinguished career has led her to write for amazing publications including Cosmopolitan, Grazia and Marie Claire amongst others which is a testament to the quality of her work. What really separates Ally is her no nonsense approach and the variety of her work, with content on everything from workouts, training guides, female health and much more. It also doesn't hurt to have an actual certification in nutrition when you're going to write about it!


2. Tor West (Wellness Editor @ SheerLuxe)

Tor has been specialising in writing content around beauty, health and wellness since 2013. Her career has taken her from being Health and Beauty Editor at SheerLuxe until 2018, to two years later, returning as Wellness Editor in a move that nods to the high quality content she produces. In recent time she's written some engaging content around changing supplement use as we age, diet and lifestyle tips for managing PCOS and nutritionists tips for healthier comfort food. It's clear from the sheer volume of articles and write ups that she's extremely passionate, plus her simple and accessible writing style means you can focus on learning!


3. Miranda Larbi (Fitness Editor @ Stylist Magazine)

Miranda has written for an amazing array of media outlets, including Evening Standard, Buzzfeed, The Times, Metro and of course Stylist, where she heads up the Strong Women and Strong Women Training Club. She's also as versatile when it comes to topics, writing on everything from general fitness to more serious issues such as body confidence and race. She's not afraid to experiment too, often making herself the subject with pieces around trying intuitive eating and even trying fads like Reverse Running so you don't have to! With the hustle and bustle of our lives and the need to look inward when focusing on our own health and wellness, it's important that societal issues aren't overlooked and we love how she's able to bridge the gap between both. 


4. Georgia Aspinall (Acting Features Editor @ Grazia)

From being an Intern only 5 years ago, Georgia's meteoric rise has seen her become Acting Features Editor at one of the UK's most prestigious publications. Her work covers a range of topics from entertainment, to travel to serious issues such as eating disorders and miscarriage. Again, accessibility cannot be overlooked when considering the work of a writer, and to see difficult topics covered with elegance and simplicity is a great reflection on her content. Some stand out examples include; this article on the intertwining of sexism and excuses made for the Prime Ministers recent failings, this interview with a PT on your burning fitness questions and many more, we'd encourage you to read them all!


5. Lottie Winter (Beauty Editor @ GLAMOUR UK)

You might be surprised based on her role as Beauty Editor and her lengthy experience on the topic across both Vogue and GLAMOUR, to hear that Lottie also writes on a range of wellness subjects and is a strong advocate for mental health through her work. This month alone, she's penned pieces to make you think on office culture around mental health, psychological vaccine side effects and burnout! Her obvious commitment to helping women through her writing and the interesting topics she chooses to touch on made her a shoe-in to be featured in this list.


6. Jade Biggs (Features Writer @ Cosmopolitan UK)

Coming up as a copywriter and freelance journalist, Jade has climbed the ladder from Cosmo Mentor Program to Features Writer in less than 2 years off the strength of her writing. Covering everything from entertainment news to the latest in the fitness and wellness, we're excited to see how her work continues and develops throughout 2022. So far this year, she's touched on the potential link between a vegan lifestyle and lower alcohol tolerance (who knew?), the cause of period pains (and poos!) and much more. What we love most about Jade is her ability to switch seamlessly between informative content on culture, to serious topics in an engaging way that leaves you wanting more! 



This is by no means an exhaustive list, but what we love to see is an industry thriving with talented women who are consistently writing on topics that uplift other women and help to unpick many of the negative social constructs we've become so accustomed to over the years. Long may it continue! 


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