The Jrny Begins - BOXD

The Jrny Begins


Today marks the end of BOXD and the beginning of something new.

Our mission to make a healthy nutrition simple for ALL women, whilst fighting diet culture and standing up for our environment will never change, but we wanted a brand that fit you, our customers, like a glove.

Welcome to jrny.

Why Have We Rebranded? 

BOXD started out in 2021 as a response to 1/2 of our founding team and resident scientist, Jamal Ramsay's experience advising women on their health whilst working at BUPA, not to mention his Mum's (we love you Dawn!) own personal experience with supplements and in particular, her dislike for pills.

He was shocked to see how common nutritional deficiencies are in women (41% of women aged 19-50 are at risk of a deficiency), and disappointed by the lack of true solutions to improve women's energy levels (weight loss isn't the only concern a woman can have!) and so together, we set about making a difference.

We understand that every woman differs, with different pressures and pathways to improving their health, and we know how alienating the wellness landscape can be.

All reasons why we wanted a name to reflect the lives of those we serve.

You Don't Have To Be A Fitness Freak To Start Your jrny

It's key to appreciate the process and know there'll be ups and downs. Sometimes the path to consistency in your health is just a little empathy, and we want to be your guide, whether at your best or worst.

After all, it's a jrny.

Our Promise

We promise to continue creating authentic products that boost your energy levels and help you live life to the fullest.

The Future

We'll always be the brand you can rely on to do what it says on the tin. From ensuring our shakes contain vitamins levels in your recommended daily amounts, to our ethos around diet culture and the environment, we're here to support women's health, and give you the energy you deserve so you can keep turning up for your loved ones in the way you want to.

Our focus from here is to develop exciting and useful health aids for the issues that matter to you most, whether it's menstruation, menopause, digestion or anything else.

Now, comes the fun. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting times to come! 😉

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